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Skil-Care Corp. - Abduction Wedge 7 W x 8 H x 4 D
Retail: $71.97
Price: $38.27
Availability: In Stock
Skil-Care Corp. Item #: SC703075 -

Comfortable foam wedge controls abduction contracture * Held securely in place with adjustable Velcro� straps * Wipe-clean vinyl cover * Promotes proper thigh alignment * Notice to California Consumers: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm *

Leeder Group Inc. - HKO Knee Abductor 24
Retail: $191.08
Price: $101.61
Availability: Back Order
Cristia HealthCare Item #: 11805A -

24 Thigh-regulator * The HKO Knee Abductor counteracts the scissoring forces of the legs * You can start out with the air bladder and graduate to the mechanical post which is required by Medicare * Knee-Thigh abductor with Air Cushion Control and code correct mechanical separator contracture management HKO Spreader * Interchangeable cover pockets allow easy change between Air option and mechanical separator * Treat scissoring legs with HKO Abductor Control * Start with Air>>Graduate to...

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