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Cristia Medical Supply, Inc. is a national supplier of medical supplies, and medical equipment offering one of the broadest selection of products in the business. Low prices and the ability to supply most facilities with everything they need has made Cristia Medical Supply, Inc. stand out among its competitors. Our business model of low prices, and a very broad product selection, is part of a bigger strategy designed to save clients time and money. Dedicated sales professionals are always standing by to assist with purchases, customer service, and any other part of the order process. Cristia Medical Supply considers it's customers to be the beating heart of its business and organization. This can be seen in our ever-expanding efforts to improve the experience of each customer we deal with. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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Cristia Medical Supply, Inc.
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Cristia Medical Supply, Inc. – Now offering thousands of office supplies!

At Cristia Medical Supply we work very hard to meet the growing needs of the customers that we work. We regularly service everyday people that are seeking home medical supplies, but we also service many professional institutions such as hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, and doctors’ offices. Due to the ever-changing atmosphere in the healthcare industry, many hospitals and clinics have been forced to do whatever they can to cut costs and reduce their overhead, and we are here to help in any way we can. We already offer the lowest prices on thousands of medical supplies and medical equipment products but we are very excited to now introducing a full line of office supplies that our customers can choose from when ordering their medical products. One of the ways we found to save our customers big bucks is by helping them to consolidate their purchase orders. Consolidating purchase orders may seem like a small detail on the surface however the savings run deep when you look at things little closer. Just take a moment and think about all the different moving parts that are at play in hospitals’ day-to-day operations. Think about all the different mechanisms and people that are involved with the successful execution of a purchase order. From the purchasing agent going out and finding the right products, to the paperwork sent to accounting, to the people in the receiving dock inspecting and taking the products where they need to be, there is a long chain involved with issuing and receiving purchase orders. If you take a moment to add the time and the dollars spent in managing all these different mechanisms, you can start to see the dollar value in consolidating your purchase orders. We all know that time is money so saving the time of hospital employees by consolidating purchase orders equals great value.

Our company has gone to great lengths to ensure that we have just about every type of medical equipment product under the sun. We try to identify the needs of our clients and offer solutions so they can get all of the medical equipment and supplies they need in one shot. This has been a very effective model for saving clients’ money, however, with the new addition of office supplies, our clients will now be able to purchase their medical equipment and their office supplies in one place thus consolidating purchase orders and saving the facility money. All the office supplies that we carry come from the most trusted and respected brands in the industry, just like our medical equipment.

CEO: Christopher Cristia