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The human body is a very complex and delicate structure. To better understand the body, a human anatomy model kit is a must-have. For medical students and professionals alike, understanding the human body is more than just knowing the parts. A medical practitioner should know how each part works, how they contribute to the entire system and complement each other.

In, we’ve created a human anatomy model 3D for artists and medical practitioners. The anatomy model for artists is delivered with complete details and texture to give the user an organized, more natural feeling when working with the human body. As a trusted brand, we believe in providing the best and most effective medical supplies that each user needs.

Although there are a lot of anatomy models online, at we take pride in being a high-quality, realistic anatomical models supplier. You can choose from our wide variety of cheap anatomy models to cater to all your needs.

You might say, “it looks promising, but there is no anatomy store near me”. Don’t worry, there are lots of human anatomy models for sale. You can find lots of resources online but offers the best. Not only do we have the best 3D anatomy model for artists, but we also have human skeleton models for sale, antique anatomical models for sale, and other skeleton models for sale.

But don’t let the price fool you, although we provide affordable anatomy models for sale, all our products are created with the utmost quality and detail to give you a more natural feeling. Our designers have carefully studied and engineered these anatomy models with realistic features and pinpoint accuracy to give only the best for our customers.

Understanding the human body can be quite difficult without high-quality human anatomy models for sale. We at, always strive to give you the best of our services and products.

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Wolters Kluwer Health - Flexible Lumbar Vertebral Column
Retail: $311.96
Price: $165.90
Availability: Back Order
Wolters Kluwer Health Item #: A74 -

A life sized functional model of the 5 Lumbar vertebrae with normal intervertebral discs * The model includes: * segment of the spinal cord with spinal nerves * the 5 lumbar vertebrae with intervertebral discs * coccyx * sacrum with removable cutaway * Flexible stand * Cannot be removed from stand * Size: 13 x 5 x 5 * Made in Germany by 3B Scientific GmbH

Wolters Kluwer Health - Skeleton Model Plastic
Retail: $1,084.95
Price: $576.97
Availability: Back Order
Wolters Kluwer Health Item #: A10 -

Plastic life sized articulated adult human skeleton * Arms and legs are removable for individual study * The skull (32 teeth) is dissectible into 3 parts with the mandible on springs * Mounted with a metal rod which extends from the sacrum * Comes complete with a mobile stand zippered dust cover and a skeletal system chart * Dimensions: 72 x 14 x 10 * Weight 42 Lbs *

Wolters Kluwer Health - Vertebral Column - Model
Retail: $356.23
Price: $189.44
Availability: Back Order
Wolters Kluwer Health Item #: CH59CS -

Highly detailed life-sized model shows all significant features for each vertebra including vertebral body spinous and transverse processes vertebral notch and spinal canal * Features include 29 tall vertebral column complete pelvis sacrum occipital bone and vertebral artery all nerve branches and herniated lumbar disc * Includes a chrome table top hanging stand *

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