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What is Cautery?

Cautery also known as searing is a clinical practice or procedure of consuming a piece of a body to eliminate or cut off a piece of it. It obliterates some tissue trying to moderate draining and harm, eliminate an undesired development, or limit other likely clinical mischief, for example, contaminations when anti-infection agents are inaccessible.

What is cautery mostly used for? 

Electrocauterization (or electrocautery) is frequently utilized in a medical procedure to eliminate undesirable or unsafe tissue. It can likewise be utilized to consume and seal veins. This lessens or quit seeping during a medical procedure or after a physical issue. It is a protected technique.

What is the average recovery time after a  cautery procedure?

There may not be any lines if your injury is fixed with burning. This sort of wound should frame a scab which ought to gradually drop off, for the most part inside four to about a month and a half. Kindly don't pick at the scab – permit the zone to recuperate normally.

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Cristia Care - Cautery High Temp Surgical Pen
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Single use and sterile * Reaches 220 to 2300 degree F in milli-sec * Easy to remove locking cap protects the fine-tip point while securing the on/off switch *

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