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Cristia Care - Knork (Knife and Fork Comb.) Stainless Steel--Duo Finish
Retail: $15.98
Price: $8.50
Availability: In Stock
Cristia HealthCare Item #: 10580 -

* Stainless steel single Knork * Duo Finish - two tone finish with a glossy head and frosted handle * In reality this beautiful utensil is unlike anything else on the market * And the proof is in the use * Incorporating critical modifications to the ages-old fork design the KNORK� enables a user to both cut and spear food using only one utensil and one hand *

Kinsman Enterprises, Inc. - Rocker Knife
Retail: $14.81
Price: $7.88
Availability: In Stock
Kinsman Enterprises, Inc. Item #: 10581 -

Allows food to be cut with a rocking motion for those with the use of only one hand * Curved blade with solid handle * Stainless steel * Weighs 3 ounces *

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