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Corflex / Medic-Air - Universal Elbow Immobilizer Small/Medium (Corflex)
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10� -12 * Fits most females and smaller framed males * Provides comfortable and secure immobilization of the elbow fixed at 90� * Indicated for trauma stabilization; fractures of the elbow distal humerus or proximal ulna; and chronic olecranon bursitis * Constructed of foam laminated to pressure sensitive fabric with three rigid stays and bursa pad * PDAC certified * * Measurements provided are outside length of each portion of the immobilizer (Humerus portion-from elbow proximally / forearm...

Corflex / Medic-Air - Medic-Air Back Pillo
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Dimensions: 18 W x 15 H * Air cushion provides relief of back pain and long term sitting comfort * Supports curve of lower back adjust amount of air for firmness * Straps hold pillo in place * Easily portable with carry case * Guaranteed for one year *

Corflex / Medic-Air - Medic-Air Lumbar Roll
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20 x 8 * Air filled lumbar roll adjusts to shape of back and chair * Portable includes carry case and adjustable positioning strap * Guaranteed for one year * Notice to California Consumers: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm *