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The purpose of wound cleansing is to remove loosely fastened cellular debris plus bacteria from the wound bed and prepare it to heal and help deter infection. It's crucial to clean a wound before using plaster or dressing. This results in reducing the chance of infection and promotes the healing process. Wound cleansers are cleaning solutions applied to remove foreign substances on a wound's surface and its enclosing skin.

The wound cleansers & creams are cost-effective means to improve wound healing and diminish the infection rate. Right creams & cleansers play a vital role in promoting the wound healing process. Wound care creams & cleansers help prevent infection, speed up the healing process, and reduces scarring.

The demand for wound cleansers & creams is rising owing to the increasing geriatric population. To cope with the increased demand, healthcare facilities, hospitals, medical settings, and clinics need wound care supplies whenever required. Choosing the wrong cleanser or cream can lead to critical infection and delay the healing process.

If you are tired of looking for the best wound cleansers or creams, you are at the right place. At, we provide a wide variety of wound care cleansers & creams to reduce the infection rate and promote better skin health and the treatment of chronic wounds.

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Smith and Nephew - Secura Protective Cream 2.75oz Tube Cs/24
Retail: $512.04
Price: $272.30
Availability: Back Order
Smith and Nephew Item #: SN59431200 -

Helps treat and prevent rash associated with diaper use or continued exposure to feces urine or both * Helps seal out wetness *

Shield Line - Skin (Wound) Cleanser 16oz Spray
Retail: $23.42
Price: $12.45
Availability: In Stock
Shield Line Item #: 976A -

16 Oz. Standard * For effective removal of foreign debris and dead tissue from wounds * Excellent cleansing action * Mild * pH balanced * No rinsing required * High-medium-low exudate * Dermatologist tested * HypoAllergenic *

Sherwood - Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 3.25 oz. Tube
Retail: $3.91
Price: $2.08
Availability: In Stock
Sherwood Item #: SH43033 -

3.25 oz. Tube Each * VaselineTM pure ultra white petroleum jelly is a soothing ointment base for many topical therapeutic agents

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