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Company: Cristopher Cristia
Title: President
About me: Hello, my name is Christopher Johnson but my friends call me Chris. I was born in Chicago Illinois but I was fortunate enough to be brought to Florida at a very young age so I consider myself a Florida native. I am a father of two beautiful little girls who light up my life and keep me going when things get tough. I love being a father and a husband to my lovely wife. family has always been extremely important to me. I have a large family that loves to throw birthday parties, barbecues, and find any reason to get together. I feel extremely lucky to have the wonderful family that I have been blessed with. I used to play sports ranging from football to soccer antennas for a short while. but, nowadays I spend most of my time acquiring new skills to help me further my career. I just completed my course in computer coding and I'm excited to continue with my ongoing education. Why I work at CristiaMedicalSupply I started working at Cristia Medical Supply 5 years ago and right away I knew that I had found a home. From day one, my colleagues treated me like family and always conducted themselves with honesty and integrity. I love the work that this company does because when it comes to products that directly affect someone's health it's important to truly care and I know that everyone at this company has a big heart and cares about our clients and how they are treated. I currently work in the marketing department which is a position that I truly love so I don't even feel like I'm going to work everyday. I wake up excited and pumped up about all of the ever-evolving projects that we get to work on here. Things I am passionate about: When it comes to things that I am passionate about well it didn't take me long to end up with a list that was getting pretty detailed so I decided to only mention the most important things. I am extremely passionate about saving dogs from the pound. I love all animals, especially dogs. So far I have adopted three dogs from the pound and I'm trying to get more but I have to convince my wife first. I also feel very passionate about helping those in need so myself and my family volunteer every Sunday to provide meals to the poor. Having two daughters makes the topic of quality education for children an extremely important subject. Our daughters are currently going to a public school but we do a lot of homeschooling as well. And, one more thing that I must mention are the beautiful beaches surrounding Florida. A perfect day for me is a sunny one with my daughters, my wife, and my dog spending the day at the beach.
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