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Kendall International - Multistix- 10 Sg (mfg#2161) Bx/100
Retail: $174.67
Price: $92.89
Availability: Back Order
Kendall International Item #: 4015C -

Test for glucose bilirubin ketones specific gravity blood pH protein nitrites and leukocytes in urine *

Prodigy Diabetes - Prodigy Preferred Blood Glucose No Coding Strips Bx/50
Retail: $28.87
Price: $15.35
Availability: In Stock
Prodigy Diabetes Item #: 52800 -

Do not use GDH-PQQ Technology * Offers Alternate Site Testing (AST) palm forearm upper arm thigh or calf * Requires a tiny blood sample * Designed with capillary action that automatically draws in blood sample

Able Diagnostics, Inc. - VivaGuard Ino Blood Glucose Strips Bx/50
Retail: $18.71
Price: $9.95
Availability: In Stock
Able Diagnostics, Inc. Item #: 2680B -

Wide hematocrit range * Easy and accurate * 900-test memory * 0.8 �L Blood required * 5 seconds * 8 electrodes * 900 meter mrmory with date and time 7 14 and 30 day averaging * 5 test reminders help make testing routine * Ketone warning and Hypo warning reduce risks caused by extreme glucose values * No coding technology reduces risk of miscoding (studies have found that 1 in 6 people with diabetes (16%) miscode when using manually coded meters) increasing testing confidence and user...


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