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Easy To Use Products - Sock Horse Sock Aid Aid
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Easiest and fastest sock tool on the market * Extra-long handle ribbed thumb grips ergonomic hand contour * Doesn't stretch out socks just the top of the sock goes on the grips * Helps those with weaker hands * Skin never touches the hard plastic * Rubber grips are gentle on even the most delicate socks and nylons * Guides cradle your leg steadying the tool while inserting sock on to tool * Two tools in one; the bottom guides can be used as a long-handled shoehorn * Gender neutral taupe color...

Easy To Use Products - Pill Bottle Medication Label Magnifier
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Price: $2.24
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Easily read all the fine print on medications to ensure safety with this handy Pill Bottle Magnifier featuring 2x magnification and a blue tint * Simply slide the magnifier onto pill bottles for easy viewing * Comes packaged in a blister pack

Easy To Use Products - Walker Coasters (Pair)
Retail: $9.60
Price: $6.69
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Walker Coaster design replaces tennis balls wheels and rubber tips on walker legs * Coasters glide smoothly over doorways sidewalks and carpets * Walker Coasters fit standard 1 tubing * No tools required for assembly * Bright and easy to see color * Smooth and durable plastic * Glides easily over cement carpet or linoleum floors * Slides in all directions * Unique O-ring helps coasters stay snug to walker legs in all temperatures * Protective shields prevent coasters from getting stepped on...

Easy To Use Products - Pen Grip Visor Station
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Mounts in any position even upside down * Removable adhesive tape included * Gentle gripping fingers never wear out * Ready to use in seconds *