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Kole Imports Inc. - Colorful Back Scratcher Countertop Display Bx/25
Retail: $135.37
Price: $71.99
Availability: Back Order
Kole Imports Inc. Item #: OC045 -

Every itch is within reach with this extendable back scratcher featuring a metal scratcher with a telescopic body to reach anywhere on your back and a comfortable anti-slip plastic-covered handle * Colors include red golden yellow green blue and purple * Back scratchers can reach up to 27 *

Kole Imports Inc. - Emoticon Character Keychain Charm Countertop Display Pk/48
Retail: $144.93
Price: $77.07
Availability: Back Order
Kole Imports Inc. Item #: KC240 -

Instantly add some cheer to your keychain with these plush Emoticon Character Keychain Charms featuring super soft fluffy charms in the designs of commonly used keyboard character expressions * Charms have a durable plastic carabiner style clip for easy attachment * Measures approximately 2.25 in diameter * Comes in 12 assorted styles * Comes packaged with a hang tag * Countertop display comes with 48 pieces *

Kole Imports Inc. - Inspirational Zen Stones Countertop Display Pk/36
Retail: $99.00
Price: $52.65
Availability: Back Order
Kole Imports Inc. Item #: GM600 -

People like to keep inspirational stones like these on their desks in their cars and anywhere they can see them and be uplifted by the message * These stones each contain one word * Selection includes the following messages: happiness peace faith joy hope pray love health trust forgive rejoice or friendship * Sizes and shapes vary but rocks average 2 in diameter * Comes packaged in a natural woven box display with 36 pieces *

Kole Imports Inc. - Sports Theme Kick Sack Countertop Display Pk/24
Retail: $91.02
Price: $48.40
Availability: In Stock
Kole Imports Inc. Item #: KK694 -

Great for outdoor play these Sports Theme Kick Sacks guarantee to provide hours of fun * Display comes with the following styles: basketball baseball soccer ball tennis ball and volleyball * Balls are made of woven string and are filled with beads * Each ball comes with a UPC label on the bottom * Not for children under 3 * Display measures 8 x 3 3/4 x 6 1/4 and each kick sack is approximately 2 in diameter * Countertop display comes with 24 pieces *

Maddak - Universal Hand Clip
Retail: $19.79
Price: $10.52
Availability: In Stock
Maddak Item #: 73603 -

* Reduces the amount of gripping ability needed for some daily activities * Clip fits snuggly and comfortably against hand * The perfect solution for people with arthritis or reduced hand strength * Spring action hand clip fits snug against the hand * Attaches to objects with strips of heavy-duty hook and loop * Can be used on phones cups bottles hair brushes etc.


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