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(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell Home Medical Equipment?

Cristia Medical Supplies sells home medical equipment, medical safety equipment, a wide variety of medical equipment items, from something as small as swabs to a wheelchair. Cristia Medical Supplies has an excellent reputation for home medical equipment, supplying direct customers, doctors, hospitals, and wholesalers.

What does Home Medical Equipment include?

There is a wide range of home medical equipment that can help hugely with home-based care. Aids to daily living help with the elderly, the infirm, or the disabled. Home medical equipment includes, but is not limited to, bed trays, bedside handles, bath chairs and shower chairs, cleaning aids and dressing aids, as well as patient lifters.

Do you sell medical equipment for doctor’s practices?

Cristia Medical Supplies sell all kinds of medical equipment, including equipment for home care, medical equipment for medical practices, equipment for general practitioners, physicians, surgeons, and specialists. We always recommend buying your medical equipment from one supplier and this is where we are the specialists. You can purchase all your medical supplies from us, for your practice, hospital, or home care, including wound care items, drape sheets, surgical instruments, gloves, PPE, and respiratory equipment.

How do I choose the best medical vendor for supplies?

When it comes to ordering medical supplies, you need to choose a medical supply vendor that has a good reputation, can offer you references, has been supplying medical equipment items for a long time, and one that delivers on time. You are within your rights to ask to see references and reviews. Always read the ‘about’ page of the medical supplies company, and choose a company that sells a wide variety of medical equipment. You may be looking to buy wound care items in bulk, or perhaps you just need a pair of crutches, a walker, or a wheelchair. Choose a medical supplier that sells many items, and offers you a choice.

As a doctor, can I order physician supplies?

Doctors, no matter where they are working, need to be organizing. A doctor cannot run out of the basic necessities, such as doctor’s gloves, masks, swabs, wound care, specimen collection jars, and more. Ordering medical equipment online is the sensible thing to do. The Cristia Medical Supply website is clearly set out, making it simple and seamless for you to do all your orders of medical equipment, including the larger equipment like wheelchairs, walkers, or crutches, at the same time.

As a surgeon, can I order surgical supplies?

We supply medical equipment for surgeons, medical specialists, general practitioners, individual doctors, retailers, and wholesalers. We have a wide variety of surgical medical equipment available online, including surgical instruments, surgical instrument stands, examination gloves, Edema products, syringes, medical cautery products, disinfectants, and all kinds of PPE. Our surgical medical equipment range is vast, and Cristia Medical Supplies are the chosen supplier of many surgeons, doctors, and specialists, worldwide.

Do you sell medical supplies to retailers and wholesalers?

We sell medical supplies to individuals who may need medical home care products, to doctor’s practices, to medical supply retailers and medical supply wholesalers, and to hospitals. We cater to all needs and will sell excellent quality medical equipment, be it for home, doctor, or hospital care.

What home Medical Equipment do you sell?

Cristia Medical Supply sells all the home equipment you need. You might be thinking of putting a rail in the bath for an elderly person, need a shower chair, or perhaps a walker. We have a wide variety of medical aids for home use, aids that make daily living easier for a person who is struggling, or for their caregiver. Our medical supplies for home care are vast, including but not limited to bathroom and home safety products, maternity equipment, incontinence gear, and if necessary, patient lifting equipment.

Can I get bathroom safety products shipped and delivered?

We deliver all bathroom safety products and all medical supplies, to individuals, retailers, wholesalers, and hospitals. We use a reputable shipping company for all medical equipment orders and you can track your order as it moves along. We will tell you the expected length of time for shipping or distribution when you make your purchase. Generally, your delivery will get to you within 3 to 5 days, often earlier. If the order is bulky and we need a freight truck, we will advise you at the time you place an order.

How long will shipping my medical supplies take?

As per above, Cristia Medical Supplies use a reputable shipping company. Most orders take 3 to 5 business days for delivery, some take less, and some take longer if they are bulky and freight trucks are needed. We will tell you when you are making the purchase what the expected length of time is going to be. We always do our best to get your medical supply deliveries to you, quickly and efficiently.

Do you hire medical safety equipment specialist?

We do not hire out medical safety equipment but our staff will be happy to give you all the options regarding the purchasing of medical safety equipment. Our staff are well trained and have excellent product knowledge.

Do you deliver medical supplies?

We deliver medical supplies, small and large, to individuals, doctor’s practices, medical supply stores, retailers, wholesalers, and hospitals. You can order a few swabs, one wheelchair, or make a bulk order for the supplies and equipment needed.

How much does shipping of medical safety equipment take?

Shipping of medical supplies is inexpensive, especially if your order is over a minimum amount. The shipping costs are online and when you make an order, our staff will give you the shipping fees, if applicable.

Can I track my medical equipment and medical supply delivery?

We use a reputable shipping company and one that has been in business for over half a century. They are a high-tech shipping company and order tracking is available from the second your order has been placed. You will be able to track your order from start to finish, easily and successfully.

Do you have a variety of mobility crutches?

We sell all major brands of medical supplies. If you are looking for mobility crutches, you will find crutches that are aluminum, forearm crutches, and all the accessories that go with them. Our staff will help you source the best possible crutches too. Note we also have a wide selection of canes.

Do you have a variety of wheelchairs?

We sell all major medical supply brands and that includes wheelchairs. You will find a wheelchair, and accessories, within your price range, and for your specific mobility problems. We sell wheelchairs to individuals and to medical retailers and hospitals.

Can I get a walker delivered?

Yes, you can get a walker delivered! Our staff will give you all the necessary information needed, or you can find the information online on our easy-to-use

Can I get a wheelchair delivered?

Yes, you can get a wheelchair delivered! All information needed regarding the delivery of medical supplies and equipment, including wheelchairs, can be found online.

Do you have medical equipment for the disabled?

We specialize in medical equipment for the disabled. Whether you need incontinent pads, bath chairs, shower stools, bed handles, disability hampers, or more, we sell it. We understand how hard life is for the disabled and our medical supplies make life easier for the disabled and for the caregivers.

Can I order a patient lifter online?

Yes, you can order a patient lifter online. We have a good variety of patient lifters, including hydraulic cradles, sling comfort seats, slings, digital scales, and more. We stock good brands of patient lifters, all easy to assemble and come with full instructions and guarantees.

Do you sell accessories for medical equipment and medical supplies?

All the medical accessories you need are available for sale and we will deliver or ship to you, for both home care or medical practitioner/hospital care.

How do I place an order for medical supplies and equipment?

Our online medical supply website is simple to use. All medical products have the correct specifications and necessary information besides them and we have made it easy for you to place orders online. If you prefer to order telephonically, or by email, or to talk to one of our staff members, our contact details are all here.

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How do I get wound care delivered to me?

We stock a wide variety of wound care, including dressings, tape, bandages, medical scissors, gauze, and creams. We will deliver wound care to you as an individual, to a doctor’s practice, or to any health care practitioner or hospital.

How large is your range of wound care supplies?

We have an extremely large range of wound care supplies and stock all brands. We sell wound care equipment, small and large, for home care and medical practitioners.

Will you exchange products or offer refunds?

If perchance you have ordered the incorrect medical supplies or made an incorrect medical equipment order, we will be available to assist you. We can only take returns of equipment or supplies that have not been used but our staff will assist you in this manner and talk you through the process. Our medical supplies all come with instructions for use and guarantees or warranties.

We look forward to serving you!