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DM - Humidifier Bottle Oxygen 50/CS Concentrators Liquid and Gas
Retail: $221.25
Price: $117.66
Availability: Back Order
DM Item #: HUM001 -

Humidifier Bottle for use with Oxygen Sources such as Concentrators Liquid and Gas. * Drive?s multi-threaded lid ensures a secure fit every-time preventing leaks and service calls. * Compatible with oxygen flow up to 15 LPM. * Audible back pressure alarm activates at 6 psi. * No aluminum fitting in stem: it eliminates shredded aluminum diffuser so often found in lower quality models. * Soft plastic diffuser reduces clogging due to mineral build-up. * Translucent jar provides improved...

DH - Humidifier Cool Mist 1.2 Gallon Impeller Kaz
Retail: $61.09
Price: $32.49
Availability: In Stock
DH Item #: 2241 -

The KAZ 4100-HF impellar style cool mist humidifier produces soothing visible mist for temporary relief of cough and congestion * The humidifier has a 1.2 gallon bowl and operates up to 20 hours per filling * The 4100-HF has a 3-prong plug * Quiet operation * The exclusive water FillChannel for easy filling without removing the cover and can be filled with a pitcher * New Kaz Cyclone technology creates super fine mist * Comes with the exclusive Kaz DynaFilter air-cleaning filter which removes...


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