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With over a decade of experience, Cristia Medical Supply truly understands there's little to no room for error when storing controlled substances, including potentially addictive and dangerous drugs. After all, every medical facility, hospital and caregiving establishment in the U.S. is mandated to carefully control access to controlled substances as per the government's regulations. This is where our highly durable and reliable narcotic safes come into play. Using safe narcotic cabinets for medication storage will not only enable your establishment to prevent substance abuse but would also safely keep drugs for patients who actually need them.

Every day, countless hospitals, doctor offices, surgery centers, and other medical facilities trust Cristia Medical Supply to provide them with medication storage cabinets and other necessary medical products at affordable prices. Our premium quality and security-tested narcotic safe cabinets come with performance guaranteed with our seal of approval and can withstand repeated use without causing any problems. Moreover, Cristia HealthCare narcotic medication storage cabinets come in different designs and sizes that can be integrated into furniture or can be installed independently as a free-standing unit. Therefore, choose one that best matches your storage and storage needs as well as your medical facility's institutional requirements.

Order our great value narcotic safes to secure addictive, potentially lethal drugs and to prevent unauthorized access from medical personnel and patients by browsing our range of available offerings. Our easy search, efficient ordering system, and fast turnaround time are particularly designed to ensure you have the best experience.

If there is anything you'd like to ask, feel free to reach out to us at 561.532.1480. A Cristia Medical Supply representative will be more than delighted to answer all your queries. Please note that all our products are delivered to your doorstep in generally 1 to 3 business days. Additionally, if the purchase you make fails to satisfy your needs, don't worry. We'll handle the matter and help you pick a replacement for free. In case you're not interested in making another purchase, we'll be more than understanding to provide a full refund!

At Cristia Medical Supply, we believe in fostering good faith with all our customers. We offer the best prices, remarkable service, and fast delivery without any frills attached. We know that YOU are our business's beating heart. With us, you are always treated with the utmost respect.

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Brandt Equipment LLC - Narcotic Safe - Large 24 H X 16 W X 8 D
Retail: $911.28
Price: $484.61
Availability: Back Order
Cristia HealthCare Item #: 6152B -

Large Size 24 x 16 x 8 * Double door locking system * Each door has individual key * Keys cannot be removed when lock is in open position * Removable and adjustable shelves * High quality steel * Doors are suspended on full length piano hinge * Can be set or mounted on a wall *

Brandt Equipment LLC - Narcotic Safe - Small 14.5 H X 9.5 W X 4 d
Retail: $631.36
Price: $335.75
Availability: Back Order
Cristia HealthCare Item #: 6152A -

Standard Size 14.5 x 9.5 x 4 * Double door locking system * Each door has individual key * Keys cannot be removed when lock is in open position * Removable and adjustable shelves * High quality steel * Doors are suspended on full length piano hinge * Can be set or mounted on a wall *

More often than not, most hospitals encounter problems with medicine and narcotics. Aside from the different storing procedures for each medicine, there are also risks of contamination from foreign objects and natural substances. They have to keep medicines and narcotics in a safe and secured space. You also have to make sure that to find out the right pieces at the right time. So how can you achieve all of these? Simple, use our medication storage cabinet. With this narcotic cabinet, you can keep your medicine protected and easily find the right pieces at the right time.

Now the good news for the pharmacies, our narcotic safe cabinet also can be used in pharmacies as a pharmacy narcotic safe. In a pharmacy, people are often busy buying and selling medicine in a hurry, so it is easy to make mistakes and waste medicine. You can get rid of this possible error by using our controlled drug cabinet.

At, we offer high-quality and affordable controlled substance vaults. Please also note that these controlled drug safes are DEA Approved Narcotic Safe. Each of our locking pharmacy cabinets is proven and tested by the DEA to make sure that they are reliable and safe to use. So, you can use them with ease and with complete assurance that our narcotic locker, which comes with double locks, will keep your medicine safe and secured.

So, why are you making your life hard? If possible, you should make your life easier and relaxed, and our double lock narcotic cabinet will help you accomplish that.

Hospital rules and regulations require you to keep your narcotics in secure locations. By storing drugs in narcotic cabinets, you can keep the potentially dangerous and addictive drugs out of the hands of individuals who may abuse them. Our narcotic lockers come in a variety of dimensions: the larger ones are ideal for a permanent storage location while the smaller medicine lockers are best suited for compact areas or easy transport. Most models of these locking medicine cabinets come with adjustable shelves in order to modify to the size and amount of drugs you are storing. Narcotics security is of the utmost importance with our narcotics cabinet lockers. Our hospital narcotic cabinets meet the strictest of security regulations.

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