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Omron Healthcare - Peak Flow Meter
Retail: $35.44
Price: $18.85
Availability: In Stock
Omron Healthcare Item #: 165 -

Assists in early detection of asthma attacks * Accurately measures peak flow * Reusable mouthpiece included with unit * Zone markers for easy reference * Dual flow range for adults and children * Ranges from 0-800 L/M * Accuracy has been verified by an independent testing laboratory to meet NAEP (National Asthma Education Program) standards

Bell Medical Services - Peak Flow Meter AsthmaMD
Retail: $28.55
Price: $15.18
Availability: Notify Me When Available
Bell Medical Services Item #: 1802 -

Measures peak expiratory flow * Design Single-Patient Use * Durable Lightweight and portable * Easy to use * Can be easily cleaned without disassembly * Compatible with a convenient physician-developed mobile app * Accurate precise and designed for children and adults * Meets all ATS standards for portable Peak Flow Meters * Universal 60-810 LPM range * Scale Increment 10 l/m * Accuracy <+/- 10% or 10 l/m * Colorful integrated sliding zone indicators * Does not contain natural rubber latex or...

Cristia Care - PocketPeak Flow Meter (Each)
Retail: $49.09
Price: $26.11
Availability: In Stock
Cristia Care Item #: SM600112 -

Offers objective measurement of peak flow readings as part of an effective asthma management program * Meets all NAEP and NHLBI standards * Offered in universal range *

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