Financing Options Coming to

Financing Options Coming to

Why is Moving Into Medical Financing

At, we have been providing Doctors, Hospitals, and Medical Professionals with essential medical supplies and medical equipment for decades. So, you can only imagine all of the different situations that we have encountered over the years. But, something new and that we are all familiar with, are the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Covid-19 Pandemic has put an enormous strain on all types of healthcare facilities from locally-owned operations to national big brand suppliers alike.

We have heard the horror stories and have seen longtime clients suffering from the overflow of new patients into the Healthcare System. With such an overload on the system itself, sustainability has become a major issue for private practices and even government-run institutions.

But, a we are always looking for ways to innovate and more importantly meet the important needs of our valued clients and that is why we are pleased to announce the rollout of a new financing program.

The Need For Medical Financing

The need for medical financing programs has never been so vital to the sustainability of every type of medical institution that takes care of our basic health needs. When a clinic goes from having perhaps fifty patients a day to a couple of hundred patients per, you have to ask yourself how can they keep up with the sudden surge in demand? The essential medical supplies are running out at a rapid rate. Creative financing options provide these vital healthcare institutions with the funding they need to serve the community without the enormous strain of having to come up with cash immediately.

Most Healthcare facilities have billing systems in place that can take weeks to months for them to get reimbursed. However, a suffering patient simply cannot wait for their medical needs to be attended to compassionately and professionally. When you are sick, you need help today plain and simple.

We understand that it is not the healthcare facility that is at fault. As a nation, we are all dealing with the effects of this unfortunate pandemic. At we are proud and happy to be part of the solution.

With the rollout of our new financing program which enables Healthcare facilities to get what they need when they need it without having to worry about breaking the bank - We can now help our clients and their patients.

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