Preparedness: Tips for Being Ready for an Emergency

Preparedness: Tips for Being Ready for an Emergency

We don’t live in a utopian society. In fact, with all the disappearing planes, random sinkholes, and the verge of another Cold War, starting to prepare yourself for an emergency seems more and more like a good idea. Sure, some people take preparedness to an insane level (just think of all those people who stocked up on supplies on December 31, 1999). But sometimes being prepared is actually a smart move, especially if something horrible, whether natural or man-made, were to happen. If you want to take some precautions for the varying emergencies that could occur at any time, use the following tips to help prepare yourself for the worst.

Stock up on non-perishable food and water.

When an emergency strikes, you will not be able to get to your local grocery store with the same convenience you’re currently used to. And even if you could, you’d be fighting off massive amounts of unruly people. Instead, do yourself a favor and stock up on non-perishable food and bottles of water. Any canned foods are a good idea, as these tend to last much longer and are typically pre-cooked, meaning although you’d like to heat them, you could just eat them directly out of the can.

Other non-perishable items to stock up on are boxed items, such as macaroni and cheese, pasta, or instant stuffing. These items typically just require the addition of water and a source of heat. You obviously want to stay away from items like bread, which can get moldy, and fruit, which can go bad. Plus, anything that needs to remain cold is also a bad idea, especially if you were to be without power for a long period of time.

Along with many cases of bottled water, you should also fill up any possible container with water, especially if the emergency is eminent. You never know if the emergency will knock out water supplies, so having buckets, coffee cans and empty milk containers filled with water can be a great addition to your stockpile.

Stock up on necessary medical supplies.

When it comes to preparedness, most people only tend to think of the food and water, but they forget about the medical supplies and necessities they will also need. Having a first aid kit is a great idea, as this will provide you with the basic necessities, including bandages, gauzes, and ointments. This way, if you or someone you love were to become injured during the emergency, you would have the supplies on hand to treat it, especially since you likely won’t be able to get to a doctor.

If you suffer from a specific medical condition, you should also consider stocking up on the necessary equipment or medication you need. For example, if you suffer from asthma, you should stock up on inhalers or nebulizers. If you have diabetes, you should consider stocking up on insulin. When you have your necessary medical supplies on hand at all times, you’ll be able to get through the emergency without any major issues.

Create a safe house or safe zone for your family.

Having a safe place to go during an emergency will help keep you and your family safe. If you live in an area that is prone to tornados, you may want to consider having an underground shelter built near your home. If that’s not possible, you need to dedicate an area in your home that you and your family will go to when an emergency strikes. During tornados, you should choose the lowest and most interior room in your house, such as a basement closet. Plus, you want to be sure that everyone in your family knows where exactly to go in case of an emergency.

No matter what you choose as a safe zone, be sure that this area is where you keep your emergency food, water, and medical supplies. This way, if/when the emergency happens, you won’t have to scramble to find everything.

Stock up on other emergency essentials.

Along with food, water, and medical supplies, it’s also a good idea to stock up on other emergency essentials you may need, especially since you don’t know what type of emergency may occur or how long you will need to survive off your supplies.

For example, you will want to have a battery-powered radio as well as extra batteries on hand. This is great to have during tornados or other bad storms. You should also stock up on blankets, flashlights, paper towels, toilet paper, and lighters/matches. If you have pets, make sure you have supplies for your pets too, such as extra food and bowls to feed them. Depending on what type of emergency you want to prepare for, you may even want to add items like gas masks or even guns and ammo to your supplies.

Pay attention to current events.

This may seem like a strange tip, but having a general idea about what’s going on in the world can help you be better prepared. For example, knowing about a massive storm heading your way can help you and your family prepare for the possible weather conditions you may face, such as a tornado or hurricane. Knowing about current events between the US and other countries can also help you determine if a war may be brewing.

Nobody ever wants to be in an emergency situation, but sometimes it’s inevitable. Instead of waiting to the last minute, or instead of assuming that it will never happen to you, take the time to become prepared for the possible emergencies in your area. Taking the few hours out of your day to do this will be extremely beneficial to you and your family in case an emergency situation does occur.

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