A sense of privacy is often hard to come by in a medical setting but the use of a panel privacy screen can go a long way to allowing your patients to relax and feel more secure. The hospital privacy screens we carry are made of lightweight materials that can stand up to rigorous cleaning and sanitizing procedures. They set up easily and are just as easily folded away so they stay out of the way of the doctors and nurses treating the patient.

We carry medical screens and curtains in many different styles. We have medical privacy screens on wheels that can be easily rolled from one place to another in either the open or closed position. Others have sturdy immobile feet and legs but are lightweight enough to still be considered portable medical privacy screens.

Whether you are in search of a patient privacy screen with large panels or a smaller one with many panels that can be easily configured to fit any room shape or size, regardless of how much other equipment may also be in the room, we have what you need. We even have single, solid paneled screens that are perfect for clinics or small offices.

No matter whether you are looking for privacy screens for hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, physical therapy gyms, or anywhere else where temporary privacy is necessary, we at Cristia Medical Supply can meet your needs.

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3 Panel Privacy Screen w/Casters    Drive
Price: $109.90
Availability: In Stock
Drive Medical Item #: 7434 -

Sturdy 1 diameter anodized aluminum tubing * Screens are 6 mil. flame retardant bacteriostatic white vinyl * Four 3 hooded casters * Easy to maintain and clean * Overall Height: 70 1/2 * Product Weight: 15 lbs * Shipping Weight: 20 lbs * Each hinged panel measures: 56 (H) 27 1/2 (W) * Limited Lifetime Warrant

Four Panel Privacy Screen With Wheels
Price: $226.30
Availability: In Stock
P. W. Item #: 7453B -

FOUR-PANEL * Standard With Wheels * All white panels 6mm have been treated with an antibacterial agent * Each panel: 16 W x 68 H * 4mm white vinyl plastic * Easy-to-wipe clean * 3/4 aluminum tubing

Portable Privacy Screen (PVC) (MJM)
Price: $199.68
Availability: In Stock
MJM International Corp Item #: MJM7003 -

Total height of screen: 63.75 * Each panel: 21.25 x 51 * 11 clearance from base to bottom of panel * Total width: 64 (expanded 3-panels) * Folded 24 W x 5 D * Removable velcro panels * Cleans with damp cloth * Mildew resistant * User-friendly * Durable light weight * PVC is an excellent alternative for standard or custom sizes * Flame-retardant

Screen 3-Panel King Size With Casters
Price: $198.67
Availability: In Stock
P. W. Item #: 7435C -

THREE-PANEL * King with wheels * All white panels 6mm have been treated with an antibacterial agent * King size (each panel): 31 W x 68 H * 4mm white vinyl plastic * Easy-to-wipe clean * 3/4 aluminum tubing * Steel ball caster wheels * Shipping Carton Size: 32 L x 22 W x 5 H

Single Panel Screen 42  w/2  Twin-Wheel Casters
Price: $197.90
Availability: In Stock
Winco Mfg Item #: 7438A -

*Casters for mobility or crutch tips for stationary use *Smooth white vinyl or optional Sure-Chek� panels for easier cleaning *Robust durable steel construction *The Privess? Unipanel is a right-sized single panel solution perfect for patient privacy in smaller areas or facilities with little storage room *Privess? Unipanel is a quality steel framed alternative to inexpensive lightweight imported aluminum solutions *Weight: 15 lbs (6.80 kg) Height: 69 in (175.26 cm) Width: 42 in (106.68 cm)...

Telescopic Curtain-Wall Mtd.
Price: $188.43
Availability: In Stock
Winco Mfg Item #: 7438 -

Provides unobstructed privacy * Rod telescopes out from wall 39 to 90 * 69 long. May be positioned anywhere within a 180 degree arc * Rod and bracket are powder coated a neutral color * Flame-retardant bacteriostatic 6-mil white vinyl * Brass grommets are used for added strength and durability * Complete telescopic curtain consists of wall bracket telescopic rod and curtain with hooks* Shipping Carton Size: 41 L x 8 W x 4 H *

Three Panel Privacy Screen With Wheels
Price: $148.70
Availability: In Stock
P. W. Item #: 7437 -

THREE-PANEL * Standard With Wheels * All white panels 6mm have been treated with an antibacterial agent * Each panel: 16 W x 68 H * 4mm white vinyl plastic * Easy-to-wipe clean * 3/4 aluminum tubing

Three Panel Privacy Screen Without Wheels
Price: $130.96
Availability: In Stock
P. W. Item #: 7435 -

THREE-PANEL Standard Without wheels * All white panels 6mm have been treated with an antibacterial agent * Each panel: 16 W x 68 H * 4mm white vinyl plastic * Easy-to-wipe clean * 3/4 aluminum tubing

What are Medical Privacy Room Dividers?

Room dividers, some of the time alluded to as room allotments, are gadgets that permit the space in a space to be partitioned into regions or subsections. The utilization of room dividers, now and again, has to do with an adorning subject for the space. At different occasions, the explanation behind utilizing a room divider is more useful than enriching. 

There are essentially two sorts of room dividers. The principal type is a collapsing divider, additionally called a security screen. It ordinarily includes a progression of boards that are pivoted together, and is unsupported. By and large, a protection screen has at least three boards, yet some just have two boards for more modest territories. The boards are unfurled and situated such that segments off piece of a room. Security screens can be utilized in rooms to make an evolving zone, or to make a visual differentiation between a living and dozing space. Numerous security screens are utilized in medical care, military, schooling, or fiasco help settings and situations to give individuals protection from others, or from a group.

The second kind of room divider is the accordion style, frequently called a protection drape. Protection draperies are mounted in metal tracks which stumble into the roof zone. This makes it simple to slide them into place when important. Contingent upon the size of the space, at least one arrangements of protection shades might be introduced. This plan is regularly utilized in patient rooms of an emergency clinic or a medical care office to have the option to give patients protection on interest.

One of the advantages of room dividers is the capacity to oversee sound in the space. For instance, in an office setting, the parts can isolate a bigger space into a few work territories to help limit the sounds made by the different representatives in that space. While the impact is generally not as conclusive as putting the workers in various rooms, the utilization of segments help make it conceivable to contain enough of the sounds so representatives are not diverted by one another.

Room dividers add usefulness, however can likewise add a component of visual interest to the space. This can be valid in any zone they are utilized in. Segments made of boards might be shrouded on paper textures or painted with a plan that suits its utilization. The two sorts of room dividers are accessible in a wide scope of tones, making them more appealing and inviting as a feature of the general plan.

What is a Hospital Curtain?

The reason for a medical clinic drapery is to keep contaminations from spreading all through an emergency clinic, just as furnishing a patient with security. These draperies are made considering wellbeing and should pass exacting wellbeing and security guidelines before they can be utilized in a clinical office. Their principle advantage is their capacity to battle the spread of disease. While the drapes recently utilized in medical clinics of the past permitted genuine diseases to be sent, the present innovation has made enemy of microbial materials that are used, all things being equal.

A medical clinic window ornament, otherwise called a security drapery, is a strategy for offering protection to a patient in a clinic. It is normally dangled from a track on the roof and arrives at practically right to the floor. A medical clinic window ornament ought to be produced using material that is fire-retardant, and as per general wellbeing and security guidelines. In the United States, the top segment of the blind should be at any rate 70% lattice to permit water from a sprinkler to enter the window ornament in case of a fire.

How to Choose the Best Privacy Screen?

One of the principal subtleties to consider when purchasing a protection screen is the size that is required, alongside the goals for the screen, and the space which is accessible. Consider the materials to browse since this will influence the appearance and sturdiness of the screen. Moreover, picking a plain protection screen or one that supplements the remainder of the style is a thought. Something else to consider is the means by which enormous the protection screen ought to be. The space that is accessible may confine the choices with regards to measure. Thusly, measure the region that will be protected before buy. That way, it will fit in the accessible space.

Another detail to consider is the sort of material to use for a security screen. Perhaps the most tough materials is metal, which will in general be hefty and difficult to twist. Yet, this permits it to most recent quite a while. In the event that the arrangement for the screen includes moving it sporadically or regularly, a lightweight material might be liked, for example, fiberboard or plastic. A protection screen can furthermore supplement its environmental factors since they will in general arrive in a wide scope of plans and tones. They can likewise be tweaked and painted for a more customized look.

How to Choose the Best Hospital Curtain Track?

The best clinic window ornament track items ought to be not difficult to introduce just as simple to utilize. Mind how the track things are secured to a drop-down or fixed roof to pick the best model. Additionally, check the little inside pieces on the blind track for simple, smooth developments so the drape will move effectively and quickly along the track when it is introduced without making commotion. Clinic drapery track models should fit with explicit blinds that are bought for a medical clinic or medical services office. Ensure the tracks have the right number of inside snares, and decide the length and form of the track to ensure it fits with the requirements of a specific space. Generally speaking, the best models are made of single-piece, durable metal raceways that can oblige uncompromising and broadened utilization.

Commitment to Quality!

The dedicated medical equipment specialists over here at Cristia Medical Supply take great care in the selection of the medical privacy screens that we offer our valued customers. Not just any privacy screen makes the cut. We take the time to research each product in death to ensure that it meets the highest quality control standards that our customers ultimately deserve.

Commitment to Your Happiness!

There is nothing our team loves more than to hear happy customers telling us what a great job we have done for them. No other company will go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction the way that Cristia Medical Supply does. See, we understand that customers are the beating heart of our business - And, when we have happy customers, we have a happy company.

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