The King Economy Screen is a revolutionary design for temporary or permanent privacy barriers. The modular design allows the facility to arrange the system as large or as small as required. Each section is designed with an upper and lower “U” component that is properly spaced apart by two tapered Vertical uprights. A 153900 and 153940 Single Section King Economy will not include stainless steel hinges. Each additional section purchased will contain two stainless steel hinges that can secure that section to another King Economy section. We have provided part numbers and pricing for up to 10 sections for ordering simplicity, but the number of sections can easily be increased if desired by the facility. Please contact us for a part number and pricing if you want more than 10 sections. We have provided a rendering of possible layouts for the different section units but the possibilities are endless. It is also important to note that the frame will fold up like an accordion when not in use. This is possible based on the independently rotating vertical uprights.

King Economy Modular Privacy Screens- Build Out & Connect Unlimited Modules

SKU: 153900