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In the modern world, the hospital is like a part of our life. And in most hospitals, sleeping accommodation is an all-time problem. This is an issue that most visitors, patients, doctors, and nurses go through. But now, here at, you can easily solve this problem with our hospital couch bed.

You can use our hospital couch for several purposes such as a hospital guest couch bed or for the hospital nurse's couch. At, we also provide hospital recovery beds and medical examination couches for medical practitioners. These beds are safe and relaxing, giving you the highest quality for a reasonable patient examination couch price.

With so many variations from a partition table recovery tool to an electric examination couch, searching for the best hospital couches for sale is now made easier. You can also get a hospital couch bed with tables and an examination couch with drawers from us. These extra features will make the day-to-day tasks of hospital workers and patients easier.

You should know that a hospital examination couch can be used in your home too. You may have a patient at home that needs special care, and you can make their lives or your life more relaxed and comfortable, using our high-quality medical exam couch.

At, we offer only the best ready-made recovery beds and couches for sale. Not only that, but we also have medical examination couches for sale. So, don't hesitate; get your couch today according to your budget and needs.

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Clinton Industries - Chrome Leg Couch 72 L x 24 W x 18 H
Retail: $1,087.74
Price: $504.55
Availability: Back Order
Clinton Industries Item #: 3600-27 -

* Dual frame construction with separate base & headrest sections * Non-adjustable wedge headrest * Chrome-plated round steel legs * Paper dispenser included * 2 firm foam padding * Heavyweight knitbacked upholstery * Middle support adds stability * Item available for FedEX� Ground shipping * 250 lbs. load capacity under normal use

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