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Richmar Naimco Corp. - AutoSound AutoGel Pads Tray/50
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Price: $57.65
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Item #: 400-046 -

AutoSound AutoGel Pads *Individually Sealed *The coupling agent is exactly the correct thickness to maximize the therapeutic effect *AutoSound AutoGel pads eliminate the problems of poor coupling; not enough gel or lotion and the need to periodically reapply

Richmar Naimco Corp. - EVO CM4 - Four Channel Combo w/Cart and Hammer
Retail: $5,710.95
Price: $3,980.36
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Item #: 410012PK -

EVO CM4 - Four Channel Combo (4 independent channels 5 waveforms) * FREE Therapy Hammer Upgrade (2/5cm� 1/3MHz) * FREE Integrated Therapy Cart (includes 4 storage bins) * FREE Case of MULTISTIM Electrodes * The Winner EVO Combination unit provides the clinician with the most comprehensive therapies in one unit with a simple to use platform and quality & reliability * Winner EVO CM4 can run 4 channels of electrical stimulation ultrasound and laser &/or light all at the same time ensuring...

Richmar Naimco Corp. - Ultrasound Therapy Hammer Applicator
Retail: $849.88
Price: $592.34
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Item #: 410115 -

Therapy Hammer US Applicator. * 2 cm� & 5 cm� Ultrasound Transducers in One Therapeutic Ultrasound Applicator. * A single ultrasound applicator that combines both common applicator sizes 2cm� & 5cm�. * Capable of delivering 1 & 3 MHz treatments.

Richmar Naimco Corp. - Lead Cord Set 1 Red &1 White for Richmar Theratouch
Retail: $115.14
Price: $80.25
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Item #: A1717 -

Richmar Naimco Corp. - Hot Pack Pliable Universal 19 x 5
Retail: $48.30
Price: $33.66
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Item #: HP1905UN -

HydraHeat Hot Pack. Pliable Hot Pack that Conform to the Treatment Area. Universal 19 x 5 (48 x 13 cm). Use HydraHeat Hot Packs to deliver heat therapy at safer temperatures. Typical heat packs require high heating temperatures to kill the bacteria that can enter through their porous coverings. HydraHeat Hot Packs have a non-porous skin allowing treatments to occur at lower safer temperatures. Polymer Skin is Bacteria Resistant and Easy to Wipe Clean Lessening the Risk of Bacterial Attachment....