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Venturi Oxygen Mask Case 50
Price: $190.92
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Item #: 364 -

Case/50 * Safe simple delivery for variable concentrations of oxygen * Features color-coded air-entrainment low-and medium-concentration diluters * Locking ring secures flow setting * Includes adaptor for high humidity entrainment * Supplied with 7-ft. oxygen supply tubing *

Micro Mist Nebulizer w/7-cs50 Tubing Std Conn Adult Mask
Price: $129.82
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Item #: TFX1885 -

Disposable nebulizer with 7' tubing standard connector and adult mask

Micro Mist Nebulizer w/7 Tubing w/Ped Mask Case/50
Price: $112.16
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Item #: TFX1886 -

The MICRO MIST small volume nebulizer is designed for performance and economy * It can be used for hand-held or in-line treatments * The MICRO MIST includes the design features needed by respiratory care practitioners today * Optimal particle size delivered at efficient nebulization rates * Consistent performance at angles up to 90� allowing clinicians to administer medication to patients positioned horizontally or with special treatment requirements * Easy-seal threaded cap and 6cc capacity...

Water Trap  Disposable  Cs/50
Price: $259.51
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Item #: WT1650 -

70 cc capacity * 22 mm OD x 22 mm OD tubing connectors * Self-sealing lid to ensure circuit patency *