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Fabrication Ent, Inc. - Electronic Stopwatch/Watch Comb. 24 Hour
Retail: $37.48
Price: $19.93
Availability: In Stock
Fabrication Ent, Inc. Item #: 122100 -

Start-stop time out split time and calendar mode * Registers 1/100th for first 30 seconds and 1 second thereafter up to 24 hours * Programmable alarm

Fabrication Ent, Inc. - Metronome Battery Operated W/ Analog Dial Input
Retail: $76.99
Price: $40.94
Availability: Back Order
Fabrication Ent, Inc. Item #: 122031 -

Metronome - Analog Input. * A metronome makes regular audible ticks at a pre-set number of beats per minute. * Battery operated metronome with analog dial input features speed adjustment from 40-208 BPM sweep LED stand. * Requires 9V battery. Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 3 Weight: 0.2 lbs.

Cristia Care - Stop Watch - Digital
Retail: $19.83
Price: $10.55
Availability: Back Order
Cristia Care Item #: 10054 -

Features: start / stop time out split time calendar mode and programmable alarm * Time is calculated by 1/100ths for the first 30 seconds and then measured by 1 second intervals * Time period of 24 hours * Replacement battery GPA76 *

Cristia Care - Stop Watch 6 Function Digital Split Timing
Retail: $29.78
Price: $15.84
Availability: Back Order
Cristia Care Item #: SW100 -

Six-function digital stopwatch with large easy-to-see and read numbers.


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