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Kendall International - Anti-Reflux Economy Drain Bag 2000cc Case/20
Retail: $148.84
Price: $79.15
Availability: In Stock
Kendall International Item #: KE3512 -

Contoured design for more even filling and complete emptying * 11/32 drainage tube provides quick drainage eliminates standing column of urine * Universal hanger fits securely on bedrails and wheelchairs * Convenient carrying handle for ambulatory patients * Drain Bag 2000mL Anti-Reflux Chamber 20/cs

Kendall International - Gravity Bag 1000 ml. Non-Sterile cs/30
Retail: $211.90
Price: $112.69
Availability: Back Order
Kendall International Item #: KE8884702500 -

KANGAROO GRAVITY SETS: Gravity Bag 1000mL Non-Sterile 30/cs

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