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Apothecary Products Inc - Audio-Kit Hearing Aid Cleaner
Retail: $14.60
Price: $7.76
Availability: In Stock
Apothecary Products Inc Item #: HE400586 -

For fast easy and effective daily cleaning * Ergonomic easy to use design * Works with all hearing aids (3) * Five tools needed for daily cleaning built into a comfortable easy to hold handle * Wax Removal Brush * Wax Removal Pick * Tube & Vent Cleaner * Battery Door Opener * Battery Replacement Magnet *

Apothecary Products Inc - Dri-Eze Hearing Aid Dehumidifier
Retail: $10.60
Price: $5.64
Availability: Back Order
Apothecary Products Inc Item #: HE400587 -

Innovative built-in desiccant lining removes damaging daily moisture * Flip-top lid for easy opening and closing * Protects hearing aids when not in use * Works with all hearing aids * No batteries or electricity needed *

Apothecary Products Inc - Hearing Aid Air Blower
Retail: $6.23
Price: $3.31
Availability: In Stock
Apothecary Products Inc Item #: HE400674 -

Helps keep earmolds and tubing clear from moisture dirt and debris for clear unobstructed sound * Improves sound quality * Great for earmolds tubes and open fit hearing aids *

Cristia Care - Large Button Telephone with Speaker Phone and Voice Amp
Retail: $60.42
Price: $32.13
Availability: In Stock
Cristia HealthCare Item #: P581 -

Large Button Desktop telephone with voice amplification and speaker phone * Large 1 � x 1 button with 1 high numbers makes this an easily dialed phone for the elderly or anyone who has trouble with the size of the buttons on a regular phone * 10 two touch memory speaker phone voice amplification flash and last number redial * Bright ringer light * On/off ringer switch * Fully modular * 90 day warranty * Measures 6.5 wide x 9 long x 2.5 high

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