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Skeleton Model Plastic
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Plastic life sized articulated adult human skeleton * Arms and legs are removable for individual study * The skull (32 teeth) is dissectible into 3 parts with the mandible on springs * Mounted with a metal rod which extends from the sacrum * Comes complete with a mobile stand zippered dust cover and a skeletal system chart * Dimensions: 72 x 14 x 10 * Weight 42 Lbs *

Flexible Lumbar Vertebral Column
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Item #: A74 -

A life sized functional model of the 5 Lumbar vertebrae with normal intervertebral discs * The model includes: * segment of the spinal cord with spinal nerves * the 5 lumbar vertebrae with intervertebral discs * coccyx * sacrum with removable cutaway * Flexible stand * Cannot be removed from stand * Size: 13 x 5 x 5 * Made in Germany by 3B Scientific GmbH

Vertebral Column - Model
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Highly detailed life-sized model shows all significant features for each vertebra including vertebral body spinous and transverse processes vertebral notch and spinal canal * Features include 29 tall vertebral column complete pelvis sacrum occipital bone and vertebral artery all nerve branches and herniated lumbar disc * Includes a chrome table top hanging stand *